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Hcéres organises the third international conference of the FrAQ-Sup network

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On behalf of the FrAQ-Sup network and in partnership with the AUF, Hcéres has organised the third international conference on the theme "International orientation and French-speaking countries: what added value for the quality of higher education", on 25 June 2018 at the INHA (Paris).

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For this new edition, the French-speaking quality agencies, universities, schools and ministries debated, exchanged information and undertook joint reflection on the contribution of internationalisation to higher education. What does internationalisation include? What vision can the institutions and their partners provide or develop? What constitutes good international practice? 



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The FrAQ-Sup network of French-speaking quality agencies for higher education was founded in the spring of 2014 by the following agencies. 

They have been joined by: 

The objective of this informal network, open to all French-speaking quality agencies that are active in the field of higher education, is to encourage contact, exchanges and sharing of good practice and collaboration between agencies, particularly through the organisation of an annual conference and joint projects.