A culture to be shared

Each researcher is deeply aware of the positive values of research integrity. This culture is shared by all and must be consolidated collectively.

This process is being implemented:

  • within the operators (universities, research bodies, agencies, etc.) which are implementing research integrity policies and appointing dedicated officers. These officers report to the President or Executive Director and oversee the effective implementation of this policy. In particular, they help researchers and research groups avoid situations of conflicting demands that might challenge their integrity: “publish or perish”, conflicts of interest, access to study programmes or to data saving and filing systems, etc.
  • by organising training courses that are dispensed by: 
    • doctoral schools for future doctors,  
    • universities at different levels for higher education, 
    • research operators for established researchers.

At all levels of the higher education and research system organisation, research integrity must be a subject to be discussed and shared, part of a common culture to be upheld and promoted by all.