Europe and international department

A team dedicated to developing European and international services, partnerships and projects to enhance quality in higher education around the world.

Head of Department: François Pernot

The Europe and International Department (DEI) is responsible for positioning Hcéres as the key French player on the international scene. It plays an active role in European debates and projects in matters of quality assurance in higher education in the international networks (ENQAECAINQAAHE,…), contributing to the analysis and dissemination of best practices.

As an interface between national stakeholders (Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, CTI, CIEP, operators) and international players in higher education, the department promotes the French model in Europe and internationally, capitalising on the experience of Hcéres.

Working in compliance with the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG), the DEI develops projects with the involvement of its quality assurance partners. It implements the know-how of Hcéres abroad in:

  • the evaluation of institutions, study programmes and research units,
  • providing expertise to international funding organisations, States or dedicated networks.

On the strength of its specialised competencies and its ability to bring in recognised university experts, the DEI offers a range of services for all foreign higher education or research institutions that request its support.


The main missions of the Europe and International Department are:

  • Evaluation and accreditation: on request, the DEI proposes two types of evaluation followed by accreditation: 1) evaluation of institutions; 2) evaluation of study programmes (bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, doctorates) in accordance with the criteria in the Hcéres standards.
  • Reviews, audits and consulting: the DEI proposes review, audit and consulting services in the areas of higher education and research, according to the needs of the foreign partner.
  • Assistance in quality assurance policy development: the DEI provides its expertise to its partners (higher education ministries, quality agency networks, associations of university presidents, etc.) in creating quality assurance policies or agencies and provides technical support for such policies or agencies.
  • International project partnerships: through the European and international networks, the DEI takes part in a large number of projects financed by the European Commission, among others.

The Hcéres strategy to export its expertise can be summed up in two words: trust and quality.

François Pernot, Head of the Europe and International Department (Hcéres)


Between 2013 and 2017, the international activity of Hcéres encompassed:

  • 13
    study programme evaluations
  • 7
    institutional evaluations
  • 7
    European projects
  • 7
    internaltional events organised
  • 2
    reviews for the French Development Agency (AFD)


François PERNOT

Head of Europe & International Department


Solange PISARZ

Head of project


Michelle HOUPPE

Head of project