Evaluation and accreditation

Hcéres offers two consecutive and connected services: external evaluation and accreditation. External evaluations provide a diagnosis in the form of a peer review; accreditations correspond to the granting of a recognised quality label but do not constitute recognition in France of the degrees awarded by the institution.

Based on compliance with the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG), two types of procedures are available: institutional evaluations and evaluations of study programmes (bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and doctorates). They are carried out over a 9 to 12-month period and are based on essential preconditions. A member of the Europe and International Department is appointed as the permanent contact person for the entity requesting the evaluation.

Preconditions for evaluation/accreditation by Hcéres

  • Existence of an internal quality policy and appointment of a team to manage the operation 
  • Conformity of the self-evaluation report, comprising the mandatory annexes, according to the recommendations of Hcéres and the agreed delivery deadlines. 
  • A tailor-made budget


If you would like Hcéres to perform the evaluation/accreditation of your institution or study programme, you will need to complete the following procedure:

  1. Submit an official request, explaining the purpose, motives and context for the required evaluation/accreditation
  2. Organise an exploratory mission, in advance, for Hcéres representatives
  3. Negotiate and sign an agreement (contract) defining the timetable, as well as the technical and financial terms and conditions for the evaluation
  4. Produce and deliver a complete self-evaluation report, comprising the mandatory annexes, according to the recommendations of Hcéres and the agreed delivery deadlines
  5. Organise the on-site visit by the panel of experts (two to three days) according to the recommendations of Hcéres
  6. Participate in the response phase prior to the publication of the final report.


Following its mission, Hcéres submits three deliverables:

  • An evaluation report drawn up by the panel of experts, which sets out the strengths, weaknesses and recommendations. An initial provisional version will be produced for discussion with the evaluated entity prior to delivery of the final report;
  • A reasoned accreditation decision pronounced by the Hcéres Accreditation Committee;
  • A Certificate of Accreditation duly signed by the President of Hcéres.
  • The evaluation report and the accreditation decision are published on the Hcéres website.



For any contact or enquiries regarding the evaluation, please send your requests to international@hceres.fr.


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