Evaluation of doctoral schools and doctoral colleges

Evaluation campaign 2019-2020 (group A)

Doctoral schools are evaluated according to an achievements/project review procedure. A single file should be submitted per school project for the next period.

Evaluations of doctoral colleges (or of equivalent organisations) are proposed to institutions on a voluntary basis.

They are conducted according to an achievements/project review procedure for the next period.

The institutions concerned shall provide a provisional list of doctoral schools requesting accreditation for the next period, by 22 February 2019 to Email.

Institutions wishing to apply for a voluntary doctoral college evaluation shall mention it in this file.

Reference documents to be consulted:

Documents to be submitted on the PELICAN exchange platform:

  • One external evaluation file for each doctoral school project. 
  • One external evaluation file for the doctoral college.

These files shall include appendices containing characteristic data and a summary table presenting the student numbers and information about the supervision and monitoring of doctoral students/doctors (for 21/09/2019).