Evaluation process

The evaluation schedule for a research body is defined in consultation with the ministries in charge of the contractual arrangements. The research body will be contacted by Hcéres 20 months before the defined evaluation period with a view to choosing its evaluator: Hcéres or another body, in which case Hcéres will verify the quality of the evaluations carried out and validate the chosen procedures. Evaluations of research bodies are conducted in three major stages: preparation for the evaluation, the visit of the body and the production of the evaluation report. 

Some of these stages are carried out internally by Hcéres; others are shared with stakeholders in the research body being evaluated. The process breaks down as follows:

  • Presentation of the evaluation procedures by Hcéres approximately 18 months before the visit by the panel of experts;
  • Publication of the evaluation standard and reference documents to be consulted and submitted by the evaluated entities;
  • Consultation with the head of the research body regarding the composition of the panel of experts;
  • Submission of the self-evaluation report by the research body;
  • Meeting with the body to discover its expectations;
  • Formation of the panel of experts;
  • Visit by the panel of experts;
  • Transmission of the provisional report for the comments phase with the research body;
  • Transmission of the final report to the research body and request for a letter of comments;
  • Publication of the final evaluation report on the Hcéres website accompanied by a letter of comments written by the evaluated research body.