Evaluation process

Evaluations of institutions unfold in three major stages: preparation for the evaluation, the visit of the institution and the production of the evaluation report.

Some of these stages are carried out internally by Hcéres; others are shared with stakeholders in the institution being evaluated. The process breaks down as follows:

  • Presentation of procedures for the on-site evaluation carried out by Hcéres (year N-1);
  • Publication of the evaluation standard and reference documents to be consulted and submitted by the evaluated entities;
  • Submission of the self-evaluation report;
  • Formation of the panel of experts;
  • Meeting with the institution and consultation with the head of the institution concerning the composition of the panel of experts;
  • Visit by the panel of experts;
  • Transmission of the provisional report for the comments phase with the institution;
  • Transmission of the final report to the institution and request for a letter of comments;
  • Publication of the final evaluation report on the Hcéres website, accompanied by a letter of comments written by the evaluated entity.