Evaluation process

By law, prior to the launch of the evaluation process (year N-1), the university or the cluster will receive a letter instructing it to choose the operator in charge of its evaluation: this may be Hcéres, another recognised agency or a procedure organised by the institution itself. In the latter two cases, the letter specifies the methods Hcéres will use to validate the evaluation procedures that will be adopted.

Stages of the evaluation process

The evaluation of an university or a cluster is carried out in three major stages:

  • Preparation for the evaluation
  • Visit of the institution
  • Production of the evaluation report.

Some of these stages are carried out internally by Hcéres; others are shared with stakeholders in the institution being evaluated. For processes shared between the DECT and the evaluated entities, the process breaks down in the following manner:

  • Presentation of procedures for the site evaluation carried out by Hcéres (year N-1);
  • Consultation of the evaluated institution regarding the choice of visit dates; call for profiles of experts for the on-site visit panel;
  • Submission of the self-evaluation report, the document presenting the strategic focuses for the future contract and the appendices (year N);
  • Meeting involving the main participants concerned from Hcéres and the management team of the evaluated institution for notification of the cluster’s expectations regarding the evaluation and, where applicable, to present the members of the panel of experts;
  • Transmission of a letter by the chair of the panel of experts to the evaluated institution, announcing the panel’s main concerns;
  • Joint organisation by the DECT/evaluated institution of the schedule of interviews planned for the visit;
  • Visit by the panel of experts;
  • Transmission of the provisional report for the comments phase with the evaluated institution;
  • Transmission of the final report to the evaluated institution and request for a letter of comments;
  • Publication on the Hcéres website of the final evaluation report combined with a letter of comments written by the evaluated institution.