Evaluation of research units

Evaluation campaign 2020-2021 (group B)

The main aim of the evaluation is to help the staff of Research Units (RU), Clinical Investigation Centres (CIC), Federative Structures (FS) and Health Institutions (HI) assess their research activities and clarify their position in their regional, national and international environment, in light of their missions and in compliance with the strategies of their parent institutions or bodies.

This evaluation provides information that the governing bodies of higher education institutions and research bodies can use as the basis for their management actions. 

In the interest of transparency, Hcéres publishes a summary of evaluation reports on its website to provide information for anyone who does not occupy a managerial or financial post but is still interested in finding out about the evaluation results.

Lastly, the evaluation is one of the integrated evaluation resources that enables Hcéres to coordinate the evaluation of study programmes, research, institutions and territorial coordinations.

Hcéres also produces Research Summaries for specific sites. It also enables territorial coordinations to enhance these summaries with a “research field” component, on a voluntary basis. In this case, the territorial coordinations must submit an information file (available below) for each research field, via the PELICAN platform.

Documents to be submitted on the PELICAN exchange platform:

Reference documents to be consulted:

Documents to be submitted on the PELICAN exchange platform:

A self-evaluation file comprising:

  • Document d’autoévaluation CHU - CIC (upcoming document)
  • Document d’autoévaluation Axe de recherche CHU - CIC (upcoming document)
  • Données du contrat en cours - CIC (upcoming document)
  • Données du prochain contrat - CIC (upcoming document)

Reference document to be consulted:

  • Upcoming documents

Documents to be submitted on the PELICAN exchange platform:

  • Upcoming documents

Reference document to be consulted: