Evaluation results

The external evaluation of study programmes and doctoral schools leads to the production of detailed evaluation reports which are published on the Hcéres website. A published evaluation report contains:

  • The report produced by the panel of experts appointed by Hcéres. The experts have complete freedom in the drafting of the evaluative opinions they issue on a collegial basis. This report follows the plan set out in the evaluation standard. It specifies the strengths and weaknesses of the evaluated organisation and makes recommendations.
  • Comments made by the evaluated structure (fields, areas and programmes of study; doctoral schools). These comments can be made in any form by the evaluated entities and their parent institutions. They concern their opinions of the evaluation process and its findings. They are not supplements to the files.

Evaluation reports for study programmes

According to the situation, the evaluation reports for the bachelor’s and master’s degree levels contain the opinions of the panel of experts concerning the study programmes of the field, the area or the institution concerned, in addition to the evaluation sheets for the study programmes. The complete report and the comments are published on the Hcéres website.

The evaluation report on an institution’s accreditation plan focuses on the proposed study provision for the next period. It enables the government authorities to decide whether to grant accreditation to the institution according to the French Higher Education and Research Law of July 2013.

Evaluation reports for doctoral schools

Hcéres publishes an evaluation report on each doctoral school evaluated, which is the result of the work carried out by the panel of experts that inspected the school. This report also contains the school’s comments on the evaluation process and its findings. It expresses opinions about how the school operates in association with partner laboratories, the study programmes offered to doctoral students and the career paths of doctors.

Evaluation synthesis reports

At the end of the evaluation process for each institution on a site (grouping of institutions), a synthesis report on the study programmes is produced and published. It amalgamates all of the evaluations carried out for the site in a single document, and highlights the main characteristics of that site. It encompasses the evaluations of fields (bachelor’s and master’s degrees) and of doctoral schools. It provides a snapshot of the site’s study and training potential.