Evaluation results

Evaluation reports

The production and dissemination of the evaluation report for a research entity consists of different stages:

  • An initial version of the report is drawn up in a collegial manner by the panel of experts, under the coordination and responsibility of the chair of the panel;
  • This initial version is submitted to an in-house reading committee at Hcéres by the:
    • scientific advisor (CA) or the scientific project manager (CMS) who has accompanied the visit,
    • the coordinating scientific advisor (CSA) for the field in question and the project manager (CP), who ensure compliance with the methodology and the editorial and ethical rules of Hcéres;
  • This provisional version of the report is transmitted to the evaluated entity and its supervisory authorities who send their comments and their requests for the correction of factual errors to Hcéres;
  • The response of the evaluated entity and its supervisory authorities is examined by the CS or the CMS with the chair of the panel of experts;
  • The final report, signed by the chair of the panel and the President of Hcéres, along with the letter of general comments, is sent to the supervisory authority/authorities who are responsible for sending it to the evaluated entity.
  • A summary version of the report is published on the Hcéres website.
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Evaluation summaries

For research activities, the evaluation reports, produced in a second phase, form the basis of site summaries. These summaries comprise:

  • a “characterisation” section, which describes:
    • the breakdown of staff according to the category and institution,
    • the level of involvement of the bodies on the site.
  • an “analysis of results” section, which summarises the results of the evaluation of each research entity and identifies the most remarkable aspects of research on the sites in each disciplinary field.


The continuous improvement of the evaluation procedures for research entities is facilitated by the collection of feedback obtained from questionnaires which are sent to the management teams of the evaluated research units, to the Directors of units, to the chairs of evaluation panels and to the advisors/scientific coordinators.