Integrated evaluation

All the departments of Hcéres contribute their expertise to the evaluation of clusters, as part of a comprehensive approach to the strategic issues and synergies between institutions and entities.

A process involving different departments of Hcéres

The integrated evaluation process involves the four Hcéres evaluation departments and the  Science and Technology Observatory (OST). Coordinated by the Department of Evaluation of Clusters of Higher Education and Research Institutions (DECT), Hcéres performs an integrated evaluation of clusters (or groupings) of higher education and research institutions and their different entities under evaluation.

  • Analysis of the strategy of the lead institution in the cluster and of its links with the specific strategies of each of the institutions belonging to the cluster;
  • Assessment of the exhaustiveness and continuity of all evaluations (cluster, institutions, training, research);
  • Production of a final synthesis of the integrated evaluation of the cluster, which includes the institutional analyses and the evaluation information derived from the synthesis of the evaluations of research units and the synthesis of the evaluations of doctoral schools and study programmes on the site.

A two-phase process

An initial evaluation phase is followed by a synthesis  report production phase at the site level.

Evaluation phase

The cluster is initially evaluated in order to assess its collective strategy. Meetings are then held with the institutions to evaluate their individual contributions to the common policy and to analyse how they coordinate their own individual strategies with the strategy for the grouping. The evaluations of research and study programmes are carried out at the same time. These levels of evaluation (study programmes/research/institutions) are initially conducted in a somewhat disconnected manner.

Site synthesis  report production phase

The evaluations conducted in relation to the activities and results observed in the research units, doctoral schools and study programmes are progressively consolidated at the cluster level in the synthesis reports (relating to the research units, on the one hand, and the study programmes and doctoral schools, on the other).

These synthesis reports are integrated in turn to produce a final integrated evaluation synthesis  report, highlighting the main characteristics of the grouping of institutions and the consistencies and inconsistencies of its different evaluations. They identify the key challenges for its future development.

An integrated evaluation report for each cluster

The evaluation of each cluster culminates in the production of an integrated evaluation report, combining: 

  • the final integrated evaluation synthesis report, 
  • the evaluation synthesis report for study programmes and doctoral schools
  • the evaluation synthesis report for research units.

The appendices to this document include a description of the methodology used by Hcéres to evaluate the cluster and the key statistics concerning it.