Group B: Evaluation calendar rescheduled over 2 years

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In the exceptional context of the current health crisis, Hcéres has decided, in liaison with the Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI) and the Ministry for Culture and after consulting the research bodies and Conference of University Presidents (CPU), to reschedule the evaluation calendar for the 2020-2021 campaign (Group B) over a two-year period. The terms of this rescheduling will be defined in the very near future in consultation with the supervising ministries and bodies, as well as with the stakeholders in the evaluation process.

As the terms applying to the exit from the lockdown are still far from certain, Hcéres has sought to implement provisions that guarantee equal treatment and compliance with the evaluation procedures. The decision to reschedule the Group B evaluation calendar was made by the Executive Committee after taking opinions from all the different stakeholders, and appeared all the more desirable in that it eases the pressures on the institutions in question, as well as on the teams of the High Council.

In the very near future, Hcéres will be defining the new evaluation calendar and examining its consequences for the following campaigns, within the framework of a working group with the participation of stakeholders.

To allow this system to be implemented, the MESRI has accepted to extend the validity of the contracts of these institutions and accreditation of their study programmes by one year. 

This profound reorganisation of the Group B calendar follows on from the recent decision to allow the institutions in this group more time to prepare and submit their self-evaluation files.1

In this exceptional situation, the intention of Hcéres is to offer the institutions in Group B the best possible conditions for their evaluations. The High Council will be attentive to particular situations any of them may be facing and will provide them with individual guidance.

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1 See the provisions of 30 March 2020 as set out on the dedicated Covid-19 page on the Hcéres website