Hcéres sets up an open archive portal on HAL

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Hcéres has opted for the HAL multidisciplinary open archive platform for archiving and disseminating its publications.

Created jointly by the CCSD and Hcéres, the portal benefits from the multicriteria search technology provided by the platform.

The Hcéres open archive portal on HAL sets itself apart from other institutional portals by the type of document that it hosts (evaluation reports, not scientific documents) and the fact that the reports will be fed into the archive once a year. 

The HAL database has been adapted to include reference information on the entities evaluated by Hcéres. This specific development required considerable work to be conducted on referencing the reports and qualifying over 200,000 metadata to guarantee the relevance of multicriteria search results as the evaluated entities undergo changes over time. 

Today, the portal proposes over 15,000 evaluation reports published by Hcéres (and previously by the AERES) since 2008. The website provides a complement to the portal: it features the reports from the last five campaigns and offers evaluated entities access to earlier reports by referring them to the HAL portal. The evaluation reports are published on the website in the course of the year as they come out and are filed on the Hal portal once the whole annual campaign has been completed. 
In the medium term, the portal will also allow access to other Hcéres publications.

By opening its portal, Hcéres is facilitating long-term access to its publications, making the most of all the platform’s potential in terms of full-text and multicriteria searches. It is also reinforcing HAL by enabling it to play its role to the full as an infrastructure at the service of research and its institutional environment.

Consult the portal:

About Hcéres

The High Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education is the independent administrative body responsible for evaluating all higher education and research entities in France (clusters, institutions/bodies, research entities, doctoral schools, study programmes), as well as approving the evaluation procedures implemented by other organisations.
Through its analyses, evaluations and recommendations, Hcéres accompanies, advises and supports the process of continuously improving the quality of higher education and research in France. 
Hcéres was created by the Law of 22 July 2013 on higher education and research and replaced the AERES on 17 November 2014.

About CCSD

The Centre pour la Communication Scientifique Directe (Centre for Direct Scientific Communication) serves the research community and its institutional environment. Its main mission is to provide tools for archiving, disseminating and promoting scientific publications and data in an open access spirit. The CCSD is a mixed unit between the CNRS, Inria, INRA and Université de Lyon.



About HAL

HAL is the multidisciplinary open archive chosen by the whole of the French scientific and academic community. It currently proposes over 560,000 documents on an open access basis: full-text publications, images, videos and software source codes. It is accredited as a research infrastructure, features in the roadmap of the Ministry and is being supported as part of the measures in the French National Open Science Plan.


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