Review of the “Evaluation in higher education, research and innovation - review and perspectives: 2015-2025” conference

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On 17-18 September 2019, Hcéres organized a conference in Paris on “Evaluation in higher education, research and innovation - review and perspectives: 2015-2025”, bringing together more than 180 participants.

Based on a review of the High Council's activities, the aim of this conference was to draw up guidelines for the coming years: How can the evaluation of higher education and research be adapted to current developments and made more efficient? In an event revolving around exchanges and debates, the participants took part in six round-table discussions:

  • 1st round-table discussion: Autonomy and institutional evaluation
  • 2nd round-table discussion: Changes in the first cycle and evaluation
  • 3rd round-table discussion: Impact of the European Universities project on the higher education and quality assurance landscape
  • 4th round-table discussion: Evaluation of institutions and research: what are the purposes of indicators?
  • 5th round-table discussion: What are the prospects for research evaluation?
  • 6th round-table discussion: Evaluation agencies and the business model for evaluation.

Watch or rewatch conference videos and read a summary of the discussions:


Photos : © Benjamin Girette / Hans Lucas

Ouverture du colloque

Table ronde 1 : Autonomie et évaluation institutionnelle