Preparation for evaluation

By the university or the cluster

The preparation consists in implementing the self-evaluation process (see “Evaluation requirements”). An average period of 6 months seems to be required for drafting a self-evaluation report for submission to the institution’s management bodies for approval. This period may be extended in situations requiring substantial participation in the process by first-line stakeholders, in addition to the governance teams and associated departments.

For clusters, to enhance their self-evaluation reports, the Science and Technology Observatory (OST) can send each cluster the results of the bibliometric analysis it performs for each site. For this purpose, the OST will contact the cluster’s management team after the on-site presentation of the evaluation procedures by Hcéres.

By Hcéres

The preparations for the evaluation include the following stages:

  • Appointment by the DECT management of a team (scientific advisor / project manager) in charge of monitoring the university evaluation or the cluster and, in this second case, establishment of a project team involving representatives of the different Hcéres evaluation departments, coordinated by the two-person team with responsibility for the cluster; 
  • Production of characterisation documents for the university or the cluster;
  • Creation of the panel of experts and verification of potential conflicts of interest;
  • Organisation of a meeting of the panel of experts in preparation for the evaluation, culminating in the definition of the panel’s main concerns regarding the evaluated institution;
  • Organisation of the schedule of interviews for the visit in consultation with the evaluated institution.