Preparation for evaluation

By the evaluated research entity

The preparation phase consists in implementing the self-evaluation process. An average period of 6 months seems to be required for drafting a self-evaluation report which is transmitted to the panel of experts by Hcéres.

A list of “focal points” intended for the panel of experts may be drawn up by the supervisory authority/authorities of an entity and transmitted to Hcéres.

By Hcéres

The preparations for the evaluation include the following stages:

  • Creation of the panel of experts and verification of potential conflicts of interest in relation to the evaluated entity and its supervisory bodies;
  • Organisation of discussions between members of the panel of experts in order to produce an initial draft of their report which is submitted to Hcéres and to draw up a list of questions/ requests for clarifications to be sent to the evaluated entity prior to the visit;
  • Organisation of the schedule of open hearings and mandatory in camera sessions during the visit, in consultation with the supervisory authorities and the evaluated unit.