Within Hcéres, quality is a constant concern for all. Several entities have been set up to implement the quality policy:

Hcéres Board

The Board plays a central role in the Hcéres internal quality assurance system. It gives its opinion and makes decisions on the methodologies to be applied. It ensures that the High Council carries out its missions and that the methodologies comply with the principles underlying evaluation: objectivity, transparency and equal treatment for all evaluated institutions. It also ensures that the organisation of Hcéres enables it to achieve its objectives and votes on any changes that might be necessary. By its composition, it allows all the stakeholders in higher education to be involved in the activities of the High Council.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of the heads of department and the General Secretary. It is the body that manages the internal quality assurance system.

The Quality and Training Delegation

Placed under the aegis of the General Secretary, the Quality Delegation accompanies all the departments and the General Secretary in implementing internal quality policy and handles its evaluation.

  • Appeals Commission and claims

    The Appeals Commission is the body set up within Hcéres to allow evaluated institutions to file an appeal with a view to obtaining the withdrawal, invalidation or modification of a report or a decision made by Hcéres.  Claims are handled by the Hcéres president and should be submitted directly to him. A claim is any expression of dissatisfaction regarding the activities of Hcéres.