A word from Adelino Braz

Cooperation and Cultural Action Officer at the French Embassy in Mexico and former Director of the Institut Français for Central America

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Adelino Braz

In Central America, between 2015 and 2019, we were in touch with universities that wanted to boost their quality and competitive edge internationally. In this region, there are national and regional evaluation agencies which were in search of support at that time to carry out accreditation of institutions. We therefore informed the University Council of Central America (CSUCA) that Hcéres could support us in this area. Before that, we reflected together with the local agencies in 2016 to come to an agreement on evaluation and accreditation indicators that were adapted to the context.

Once this framework was defined, we asked the Accreditation Council of Central America (CCA) to set up joint accreditations, with one list of experts defined by Hcéres and another by the CCA. This enabled the accreditation process to be started with several public and private universities in Costa Rica, Honduras, Salvador and Guatemala. The expertise of Hcéres provided a response to a genuine local need, and also enabled training of human capital to develop the universities. Other collaborations are being considered with Mexico, and no doubt also with other countries in Latin America. Thanks to Hcéres we are upholding French expertise internationally in a priority area for universities.


Extract from 2019 Hcéres activity report