A word from Bertrand Girard

Scientific Director, Saint Exupéry Institute of Technology (IRT)

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The objective of the government’s decision, taken in late 2017, to have IRTs evaluated by Hcéres, was to evaluate their role as accelerators of technological research and disruptive innovation to the benefit of industrial innovation. The evaluation has been carried out under very good conditions since the start of 2018 and will end in mid-2019 with the finalisation of the evaluation reports. The preparation of the evaluation involved close collaboration between Hcéres and the IRTs with respect to the report contents, the composition of the evaluation panel and the way in which the site visits were conducted. All the panel visits had been completed by April 2019. They enabled us to envisage the future of the IRTs and to deal with key questions such as the introduction of more flexibility and interoperability between the systems introduced by the state. The rigorous, open-minded approach of Hcéres was much appreciated.