A word from Denis Despréaux

Head of the Delegation for European and International Affairs, Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation

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The interoperability that is the feature of the Bologna process, meaning the easier circulation of students and teachers between the different European education systems, is based on a quality assurance system that is defined in this framework. Europe is a driving force at worldwide level in defining quality standards for higher education.

France has battled vigorously to ensure that the Bologna process remains inclusive. We have succeeded in rejecting the temptation to point the finger at the gaps in certain education systems to try to drag countries upwards on the target criteria for higher education. This process took concrete form in 2019 with the setting up of peer groups. They bring together as many volunteers as possible from among the member countries of the Bologna process and organise exchanges on good practices to seek to benefit from the best successes. 

One of these peer groups is dedicated to quality assurance and I can only thank Hcéres to have made our French voices heard, in close collaboration with the CTI, in this peer-group approach to quality assurance, which is essential to establish trust in students and teaching staff, which is the key to the Bologna process.


Extract from 2019 Hcéres activity report