A word from Jacques Demotes

Director General of ECRIN (European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network)

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Jacques Demotes

The statutes of ECRIN, a European Research Infrastructure Consortium set up at the end of 2013, state that we must be evaluated every five years. As we are a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) and our governance is European, we did not wish to place that evaluation in the hands of a national agency. Our Assembly of Members suggested that we set up a consortium of agencies. After discussing with Hcéres, they succeeded in gathering together different members of ERIEC (European Research Infrastructure Evaluation Consortium). It was therefore ERIEC that conducted the evaluation, coordinated by Hcéres.

We began by a self-evaluation and then the High Council conducted a 360° audit over three days, with us here in Paris and outside France. We are very satisfied with the outcome. Not only is the evaluation of our activity in itself a sign that ECRIN is maturing, but the priorities and points for improvement highlighted by ERIEC and Hcéres confirm our vision of where we want to go: opening up ECRIN to new countries in Europe, searching for new sources of funding, and developing our communications. What was crucial was that this evaluation be carried out in an independent manner.


Extract from 2019 Hcéres activity report
Photo : © Annie Gozard