A word from Patrick Devos

Statistician at the Research and Innovation Directorate of Lille University Hospital (CHU) , in charge of the SIGAPS operations unit, coordinator of the Bibliometrics Unit at the CNCR and of the Lillometrics platform

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Patrick Devos

Created by the University Hospital (CHU) of Lille (2003), the Scientific Publication Query, Management and Analysis System (SIGAPS) is a software package that lists and analyses scientific publications referenced in Pubmed.1 In 2006, the Ministry for Health charged Lille CHU with its dissemination among 70 health institutions, including the university hospitals, and the definition of an indicator to measure their scientific output. In 2015, the CNCR2 created a bibliometrics unit with responsibility for analysing and exploiting the scientific output of the CHUs. At the same time, the inclusion of research by University Hospitals within the scope of Hcéres evaluation raised the question of self-evaluation models. We saw this as an opportunity to make use of our data and worked with the OST and CNCR to put together a common self-evaluation module based on the SIGAPS/SIGREC data. At the same time, the OST produced an IPERU report for the CHUs, through a working group in which I took part. 

In addition, after working together for one year for the purposes of Isite accreditation, the CHU and Université de Lille have given their work a more permanent form via the creation of the Lillometrics bibliometric platform in February 2019. As it seemed essential to us that we should turn to an outside personality to provide critical insight, so we turned to Frédérique Sachwald.

1 Bibliographic database produced by the National Library of Medicine (USA)
2 National Committee for Research Coordination, www.cncr.fr


Extract from 2019 Hcéres activity report