A word from Pierre Corvol

Professor Emeritus and honorary board member of the Collège de France, author of the report on the French Charter for Research Integrity

"It was essential that we should have, like the USA and several other European countries, a centralised organisation that brings together all those involved in research for joint, constructive reflection about research integrity and that produces efficient tools, such as training programmes for postgraduate students."

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Isabelle Pouliquen

A word from Pr Isabelle Pouliquen

Director of the Unit for the Urbanisation of Information Systems Sub-Directorate for Information Systems and Statistical Studies Department for the Coordination of Higher Education and Research Strategies

"Hcéres is actively involved in this work of harmonisation and convergence at national level, integrates evaluation data into this global vision of IS and thus enables evaluation processes to fully contribute to the virtuous loop of design, production, measurement and improvement."

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