Visit of the institution

Visits by experts

The visits of institutions by experts contribute to the evaluation of study programmes and doctoral schools.

Visits of study programmes


Between the evaluation phase of the assessment and the evaluation phase of the project is a visit of experts in the establishment.

A provisional evaluation report is transmitted to the institution prior to the visit. It is based on the analysis of the assessment by experts at Hcéres.

The visit enables a dialogue to be established between the experts and the institutional stakeholders, with the aim of developing a better understanding of the context and the prospects before finalising the evaluation report. Meetings are held with the institution’s management body to discuss the strategic aspects, and with the developers of programmes and fields of study to discuss the salient points identified by the experts.

Visits of doctoral schools

Each doctoral school is visited by the panel of experts for half a day. Interviews are held with the institution's stakeholders, its doctoral students and the instigators of the development plan.

All visits of the doctoral schools on a site take place over a period of two to three days. The first half-day is devoted to a presentation of the leading institution(s) and the doctoral training policy of the site (organisation and operation of the College or equivalent structure).

The panels of experts then visit the sites of the doctoral schools for half a day. The evaluation reports produced by the experts are then submitted to the doctoral schools which can add their comments.