Colloquium: Evaluation of Social Sciences and Humanities in Europe - PFUE 2022



Invitation only.

Venue: Institut d'Etudes Avancées - IEA Paris.

In the context of the French Presidency of the European Union 2022 (PFUE), the Hcéres is organizing on May 16 and 17 a conference on the evaluation of Social Sciences and Humanities in Europe at the Hôtel de Lauzun, quai d'Anjou.
The round tables will bring together nearly 30 speakers from European universities and organizations and will deal with books in SSH research, multilingualism and the participation of SSH in European research.
In the phenomena that impact our societies, an increasing number of links now depend on human action. This importance of human action should match the importance of the disciplines that have this action as their object: the analysis of climate change, pandemics, etc., should give a large place to the Social Sciences and Humanities. However, this is not the case, and the establishment of a form of companionship between the SSH and the other sectors of the scientific spectrum has not yet been achieved, despite marked efforts in this direction, both at the French and European levels. 
The conference, which brings together European researchers in SSH as well as representatives of the European Community, aims first of all to identify the obstacles on this path. It also aims to propose solutions for research evaluation that will facilitate the participation of SSH while clarifying the specificity of scientific work in Social Sciences and Humanities.
In order to feed the exchanges during the conference, a questionnaire based on the 3 axes that structured the sessions (Monographs, Multilingualism, Participation of the SSH in European research) was sent very widely to SSH researchers through our partners' networks: ENRESSH, EASH, LERU and the Athena Alliance distributed the questionnaire in French and English which allowed to obtain more than 1000 answers (of which one third in English) which will be exploited for a report during a presentation on May 17.



May 16

9 am - Welcoming invitees

9.30 am - Opening: Jacques Dubucs (Hcéres) 

9.45 am -12.45 am 
Session I: Books in SSH research
Chair of the session: Saadi Lahlou, FR (IEA Paris)

9.45 am - Introduction: Pierre Mounier, FR (EHESS, OpenEdition, Operas, DOAB)

10.15 am - Books in evaluation

  • Moderation : Ioana Galleron, FR (Sorbonne Nouvelle, ENRESSH)
  • Elea Gimenez-Toledo, ES (Group of Scholarly Books, CSIC)
  • Nataša Jermen, HR (Lexicography Institute, Croatia, ENRESSH)
  • Gunnar Sivertsen, NO (Nordic Inst. for Studies in Innovation, Research & Education)
  • Geoffrey Williams, FR (UBS, ENRESSH) 

11.15 am - Coffee break 

11.45 am - The evaluation of books

  • ModerationMichael Ochsner, CH (FORS, ENRESSH)
  • Nicolas Georges, FR (Direction du Livre et de la Lecture, Ministère de la Culture)
  • Johan Rooryck, NL (Leiden University)
  • Niels Stern, DK (OAPEN, Science Ouverte)
  • David Teira, FR (Sorbonne Université, BSPS-OPEN)

12.45 am - Buffet

2 pm - 6 pm
Session II : Multilingualism
Chair of the session:  Silvana Collela, IT (EASSH)

2 pm - Introduction : Milena Zic-Fuchs, HR (Zagreb University)

2.30 pm - The specific impact of multilingual publications 

  • ModerationOlivier Bouin, FR (RFIEA, COFUND FIAS, NETIAS, UBIAS)
  • Andrea Bonaccorsi, IT (Universita di Pisa)
  • Jennifer Edmond, IRL (Trinity College, Dublin, DARIAH)
  • Janne Pölönen, FI (Helsinki Initiative on Multilingualism in Scholarly Communication)
  • Riccardo Pozzo, IT (Roma Tor Vergata)

3.30 pm - Coffee break

4 pm - The evaluation of multilingual publications

  • ModerationGeoffrey Williams, FR (UBS, ENRESSH)
  • Ortwin de Graef, BE (Leuven Univeristy, LERU)
  • Emanuel Kulczycki, PL (Poznan University, ENRESSH)
  • Joanna Spassova, BG (Institute of Art Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
  • Maria Teresa Zanola, IT (Milano Universita, European Language Council)

5 pm - Conclusions

6 pm - Cocktail


May 17

9 am - 1 pm
Session III :  The participation of SSH in European research
Chair of the session: Ortwin de Graef, BE (Leuven, LERU)

9 am - Presentation of the European SSH Survey (Athena, EASSH, ENRESSH, Hcéres)

9.30 am - Introduction : Béatrice Lucaroni, IT (European Commission) 

10 am - Evaluation of SSH in European research programs 

  • Moderation : Gabi Lombardo, IT (EASSH) 
  • Helga Nowotny, AUT (ancienne présidente ERC)
  • Jon Holm, NO (Research Council of Norway)
  • Marc Vanholsbeeck, BE (Ministère de la Recherche, Horizon Europe)
  • Alan Kirman, FR (EHESS)

11 am - Coffee break

11.30 am - SSH in interaction: perspectives 

  • Moderation : Emanuel Kulczycki, PL (Poznan University, ENRESSH)
  • Tim Engels, BE (Antwerp University, Dept. of research and innovation)
  • Michael Ochsner, CH (FORS, ENRESSH)
  • Coralie Chevallier, FR (INSERM, PSL)

12.30 am - Closing statement by Thierry Coulhon, president of the Hcéres

1 pm - Lunch cocktail

Institut d'études avancées de Paris (IEA)

17 quai d'Anjou, 75 004 Paris

Underground: Sully-Morland ou Pont-Marie (ligne 7), Saint-Paul (ligne 1)

Bus: 67, 86