French Office for Research Integrity

Scientific integrity is the foundation on which trust is built between research communities and also between these communities and society as a whole. To provide a framework and an impetus at national level, the French Office for Research Integrity (OFIS) was created in March 2017.

Head of Department: Stéphanie Ruphy

At the service of scientific integrity

Operating as a department of Hcéres, the OFIS is a national transversal entity with a threefold mission:

  • A forum for reflection It contributes to defining a national scientific integrity policy. It coordinates reflection on defining standards, opinions and recommendations. It accompanies higher education and research institutions within the conference of signatories of the 2015 charter.
  • Observation It manages a national observatory on implementation of the commitments in the 2015 charter and on practices complying with the international standards. It conducts intelligence activities and disseminates information (notably on new forms of research: participatory science, big data, re-use of data and “open science”).
  • Coordination It fosters the harmonisation and sharing of scientific integrity practices. It coordinates and promotes the work of the network of “Scientific Integrity” Officers in institutions. It encourages research in this area. It represents France at European and international levels. It is a member of the ENRIO (European Network of Research Integrity Offices) network.

Full independence

The OFIS benefits from specific conditions in order to guarantee its independence in the conduct of its missions. It has an operational team (department) and its work is guided and supervised by the French Advisory Board Research Integrity (CoFIS).

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