Key actors

Evaluations are based on the combined expertise and collaboration of three key actors.

The evaluated entities and stakeholders:

Institutions, their groupings, research units, doctoral schools, study programmes and stakeholders play a key role throughout the entire evaluation process by:

  • compiling an evaluation file, accompanied by supporting documents;
  • suggesting expert profiles and validating the proposed panels (preventing conflicts of interest);
  • expressing their expectations regarding the evaluation;
  • participating in drawing up the interview schedule for the visit;
  • taking part in the comments phase that follows the production of the external evaluation report by the panel.

The experts:

  • chosen for their expertise in the evaluated field;
  • responsible for the evaluative judgement;
  • authors of the evaluation reports signed jointly by the chair of the panel and the Hcéres President;
  • the experts who chair the cluster evaluation panels are the authors of the final synthesis reports of the integrated evaluation.
  • list of experts who took part in an evaluation organized by Hcéres


  • ensuring compliance with the methodology and evaluation principles;
  • responsible for appointing the experts;
  • mediating between the panel of experts and the evaluated entity. 
  • list of scientific advisors