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To carry out its missions and ensure that its work is of a high standard of quality, Hcéres has over 230 administrative and scientific staff and calls upon some 3,500 experts each year.

Scientific and administrative support is provided to Hcéres by:

  • researchers, professors and personalities from civil society (retired people, private-sector teachers, etc.) responsible for organising the scientific component of the evaluations and contributing to reflection on the methodology. They are:
    • either scientific advisors. Most of the advisors work in a higher education and research institution and they are placed at the disposal of Hcéres either on a part-time (researchers) or a secondment (professors) basis for a renewable one-year term.
    • Or scientific project managers. They are called in for occasional evaluation missions.
  • administrative staff with a wide variety of statuses: civil servants on an assignment,  secondment or delegation basis, and non-tenured agents.

At the same time, Hcéres calls upon several thousand experts from different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities to form its panels of experts charged with the task of conducting the evaluations.

To join Hcéres is to become part of a team driven by a determination to serve the evaluated institutions and contribute to improving higher education and research in France.


  • 107
    administrative staff (tenured or contract staff)
  • 130
    part-time scientific staff (professors, researchers, staff from civil society)
  • 3 500
    French and foreign experts mobilised and trained by Hcéres each year on average


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