An organisation by activity

To ensure the quality of its work, the organisation of Hcéres is based on a Board of 30 French and foreign members who define the general framework for its action. Eight departments organised by activity and a General Secretariat coordinate evaluation campaigns and missions and provide functional support for the organisation.
Each year, 3,500 experts are mobilised to conduct the evaluations with the support of scientific advisors/project managers and administrative staff.

Hcéres is governed by a Board of 30 members (half men, half women), including its President. The Board defines the annual evaluation schedule and the measures required for ensuring the quality, transparency and publication of the evaluation procedures conducted by the High Council. Alongside the Board, there is also the Scientific Steering Committee of the OST and the French Advisory Board for Research Integrity.

The particular feature of the evaluations conducted by Hcéres is that an ad hoc panel is formed for each evaluation according to the specific nature of the evaluated institution.

The panel includes peers (researchers and professors) and experts from other backgrounds (students, professionals from the public and private sectors, etc.)

Each year, Hcéres calls upon an average of 3,500 French and foreign experts to conduct the evaluations. They are chosen from a list of experienced experts and from among new candidates, according to the characteristics of the evaluated institution and the profiles required to form the panel.

The evaluation method applied by Hcéres is tried and tested. It is based on supervision of the evaluation process by scientific advisors/project managers specialised in the discipline under consideration and on the work of the panels of experts working on a collegial basis. This know-how is completed by that of:

The Strategic Plan provides Hcéres with a roadmap through to 2020, setting out its own quality assurance policy, its objectives and progress indicators, and the resources required to achieve them.

Hcéres also bases its quality approach on the standards adopted in the European Higher Education Area (European Standards and Guidelines - ESG). In 2017, recognition by the European bodies (ENQA, EQAR) provided a sign of confidence for all relevant stakeholders. It marked the conclusion of a process consisting of:

  • a self-evaluation of the operations of the High Council and of its practices to define avenues for development,
  • an external evaluation conducted by a panel of international experts on the basis of the ESG.