Hcéres board

Hcéres is governed by a Board which is responsible for the quality of its work. The Board defines the annual evaluation schedule and the measures required for ensuring the quality, transparency and publication of its evaluation procedures.
It is composed of 30 members, 15 men and 15 women, appointed by decree for a four-year term, renewable once. The President, Michel Cosnard, is appointed from among the members and heads the High Council.

Discussion and decision-making body

The Board is responsible for decisions concerning the:

  • evaluation charter defining the measures required to ensure the quality and transparency of evaluation procedures
  • standards for evaluations conducted by the High Council
  • validation of all evaluation procedures
  • terms on which experts are appointed
  • multi-year programme for evaluations in line with the schedules in the multi-year contracts with the institutions
  • policy of the High Council for European and international cooperation
  • report submitted to the government
  • recruitment, employment and remuneration terms for contract staff
  • expense reimbursement conditions for missions carried out on behalf of Hcéres

At the proposal of its President, the Board rules on the:

Oversight of the rules and procedures

The Board is responsible for ensuring:

  • that the evaluations conducted by the High Council and by bodies using procedures that it has approved take account of the national and territorial aspects of higher education and research, particularly within the framework of clusters and groupings
  • that the evaluations take account of the relationships between training and research
  • the quality of evaluations performed by other bodies by validating their procedures. It also ensures that these principles are complied with
  • that the selected criteria and evaluation procedures used or validated by the High Council take account of the diverse types and missions of evaluated organisations and study programmes and the diversity of disciplines

The Board defines the framework, objectives, criteria and procedures for evaluations.  It also sets the general framework for evaluations, studies or analyses conducted at the request of government ministers responsible for higher education and research.

Finally, it ensures that the High Council communicates regularly with institutional stakeholders and bodies involved in the various evaluations, in order to continuously improve evaluation criteria and procedures.

Nelly Dupin, Hcéres Secretary General, is acting President.

Upcoming appointments