Evaluation and accreditation abroad

With several thousand evaluations carried out each year throughout France and a robust methodology developed in compliance with European standards, Hcéres also offers its expertise to foreign higher education and research institutions.

Hcéres proposes two consecutive and related services: external evaluations and accreditations. External evaluations provide a diagnosis in the form of a peer review; accreditations correspond to the granting of a recognised quality label but do not constitute recognition, in France, of the degrees awarded by the institution. 

Based on compliance with the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG), two types of procedures are available: institutional evaluations and evaluations of study programmes (bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and doctorates). They are carried out over a 9 to 12-month period and are based on essential prerequisites. A member of the Europe and International Department (EID) is appointed as the permanent contact person for the entity requesting the evaluation. 

Since its creation, Hcéres has capitalised on the lessons learned from its operations in France and has extended its scope to cover a variety of institutions and study programmes abroad: in this manner, Hcéres’ services have been called upon for the evaluation/accreditation of public and private universities in Armenia, Costa Rica, Lebanon, Luxembourg and Vietnam. Similarly, institutions in Saudi Arabia, Benin, Cameroon, Qatar, Senegal, Togo, Russia and Vietnam have asked Hcéres to evaluate/accredit study programmes in a wide range of disciplines, from bachelor to doctorate level.