Hcéres is the French public service agency responsible for the periodic evaluation of all State-contracted higher education and research institutions in France, their study programmes (bachelor's degree, master’s degree and doctorate-level) and their research units. It also evaluates research bodies and groupings of institutions. Hcéres operates according to a European framework. It is recognised by ENQA and listed on the EQAR register of quality agencies.

Performing several thousand evaluations throughout France every 5 years (250 institutions, 5,700 study programmes, 2,800 research units, 25 groupings of institutions) according to a robust methodology defined in compliance with the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG), Hcéres capitalises on French experience by putting it to good use internationally. 

Hcéres proposes a wide variety of services in its specialist fields: study programmes, research, strategy, the internal organisation and management of higher education institutions, internationalisation, and quality policy. Relying on its extensive network of academic, professional, student and administrative experts, it meets the needs of international higher education stakeholders by adapting to their local contexts and requirements.