Experts and scientific advisors


The particular feature of the evaluations conducted by Hcéres is that an ad hoc panel is formed for each evaluation according to the specific nature of the evaluated institution.

The panel includes peers (researchers and professors) and experts from other backgrounds (students, professionals from the public and private sectors, etc.)

Each year, Hcéres calls upon an average of 3,500 French and foreign experts to conduct the evaluations. They are chosen from a list of experienced experts and from among new candidates, according to the characteristics of the evaluated institution and the profiles required to form the panel.

The evaluation method applied by Hcéres is tried and tested. It is based on supervision of the evaluation process by scientific advisors/project managers specialised in the discipline under consideration and on the work of the panels of experts working on a collegial basis. This know-how is completed by that of:

Scientific advisors

Scientific support is provided to Hcéres by researchers, professors and personalities from civil society (retired people, private-sector teachers, etc.) responsible for organising the scientific component of the evaluations and contributing to reflection on the methodology. They are:

  • either scientific advisors. Most of the advisors work in a higher education and research institution and they are placed at the disposal of Hcéres either on a part-time (researchers) or a secondment (professors) basis for a renewable one-year term.
  • Or scientific project managers. They are called in for occasional evaluation missions.

Access to the list of scientific advisors