Territorial Strategy Reports on Higher Education and Research (STRATER)

The STRATER project (regional diagnoses) headed by the Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI) offers a regional view of higher education, research and innovation. The Ministry disseminates regional booklets for the attention of all the different stakeholders and the OST provides the indicators on research and innovation activity for them.

The indicators are produced on the basis of three bodies of data:

  • Scientific publications listed in the OST database developed from Web of Science® by Clarivate Analytics (reference database for international publications) ;
  • European patent applications identified in the patents database of the OST, developed on the basis of the PATSTAT database ;
  • Participations in the FP for Research and Innovation.

A geographical and institutional application that can be adapted to MESRI requirements

The geographical and institutional classification is updated in accordance with the specifications of the Ministry and, depending on the year, may correspond to regions, regional education authorities or, in a certain number of cases, “Communautés d’universités et établissements” in the Paris region.

The OST compiles tables and graphs of indicators that are then used in the regional leaflets, basing itself on:

  • existing geographical classifications,
  • existing surveys,
  • or specific studies.
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