NAKVIS, the Slovenian evaluation agency welcomed by the Hécres DEI team

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On Tuesday, June 14, the Europe and International Department, along with the DND, had the opportunity to discuss with the Slovenian agency NAKVIS during a workshop meeting organized at Hcéres


Maria Bonnafous-Boucher and Sophie Guillet, respectively Director and Project Manager at the Department for European and International Affairs of Hcéres, welcomed Maja Milas and Andrej Krček, both Deputy Heads of the Analytics and Information Technology Department of NAKVIS, the Slovenian Evaluation Agency.

This meeting was an opportunity to present our agencies, share our good practices related to independence and discuss data collection and processing with Claude Guéant, Director of the Digital and Data Department of Hcéres.

These initial exchanges will continue with more focused online discussions in the coming weeks.