Evaluation reports FR

MSH Sud Maison des Sciences de l'Homme

Type: Research entity evaluation report
Evaluation campaign: 2019-2020 (group A) - Published on: 20/08/2020
Institution(s) concerned: Languedoc-Roussillon universités
Disciplinary research field: Humanities and Social Sciences (SHS) ; SHS1 Markets and Organisations ; SHS2 Standards, Institutions and Social Behaviours ; SHS3 Space, Environment and Societies ; SHS4 Human Spirit, Language, Education ; SHS5 Languages, Texts, Arts and Culture ; SHS6 Ancient and Modern Worlds ; ST1 Mathematics ; ST2 Physics ; ST3 Earth and Universe Science ; ST4 Chemistry ; ST5 Engineering Science ; ST6 Information and Communication Science and Technology ; SVE1 Agronomy, Plant Biology, Ecology, Environment, Evolution ; SVE2 Cellular Biology, Imaging, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Genomics, Systemic Biology, Development, Structural Biology ; SVE3 Microbiology, Virology, Immunity ; SVE4 Neuroscience ; SVE5 Physiology, Physiopathology, Cardiology, Pharmacology, Enocrinology, Cancer, Medical Technologies ; SVE6 Public Health, Epidemiology, Clinical Research
Scientific field(s): 11 - Pluridisciplinaires
ERC panel(s): LS1_1 Molecular biology and interactions

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