Department of programme evaluation

The Department of Programme Evaluation (DEF) organises the evaluation of bachelor’s degree to doctorate study programmes under the supervision mainly of the Ministry for Higher Education and the ministries in charge of health and of culture.
Head of Department: Jean-Marc Geib
Department Manager: Françoise RUFFIER D'EPENOUX

Head of Department: Jean-Marc Geib 
Department Manager: Françoise d'Epenoux 


  • Managing and organising the evaluation of higher education programmes in France, from bachelor’s degree to doctorate level, operating upstream from the national system for State accreditation
  • Reviewing any requests that might be submitted by higher education institutions for the validation of procedures for the external evaluation of study programmes / doctoral schools.
  • Implementing an evaluation methodology by developing external evaluation guidelines on which the evaluated institutions and experts can base themselves to construct their analysis (in light of the objectives to be achieved and action to be taken)
  • Coordinating and monitoring the evaluation process and guaranteeing the quality of the evaluations conducted by the panels of experts composed of peers, students or young doctors, or representatives of the socio-economic world.
  • Organising training in the study programme/doctoral school evaluation methodology  for Hcéres staff and experts.
  • Contributing to the development of a quality culture in higher education by promoting the message of the central role of self-evaluation and of the importance of a constructive yet demanding external view.

The study programme evaluation standard is not a list of requirements against which the programme will be judged on an all-or-nothing basis. It should be seen rather as a set of questions that should come quite naturally to the organisers of the study programme and their institutions, and on which the experts expect an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses and prospects by self-evaluation.

Jean-Marc Geib, Head of the Department of Programme Evaluation (Hcéres)

  • 1000
    bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes evaluated each year
  • 50
    doctoral schools evaluated each year
  • 700
    experts mobilised by the department each year
  • 25
    part-time scientific advisors
  • 10
    permanent administrative staff


Département d’évaluation des formations

2 rue Albert Einstein
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