General Secretariat

The General Secretariat is in charge of the administrative organisation and proper functioning of Hcéres. Acting in support of the missions of Hcéres, it manages and organises the resources dedicated to the different activities, with the focus being on performance and the effective organisation of resources. 
The General Secretariat covers all the support functions: human resources, finance, communication, quality, evaluation support and general resources.

General Secretary: Stéphane Le Bouler


In addition to its traditional missions, the General Secretariat focuses more particularly on:

  • guiding changes to the organisation,
  • developing human resources policy and maintaining labour relations dialogue,
  • developing the financing of the activities of the High Council,
  • developing the internal quality and management control procedures,
  • engaging in dialogue with other stakeholders, such as ministries and institution managements, notably for the purposes of managing resources,
  • providing comprehensive management of evaluation campaigns,
  • the profile of Hcéres among players in higher education and research,
  • the positioning of Hcéres on the international scene by contributing to the missions of the Europe and International Department.
  • 107
    administrative staff (tenured and contract staff)
  • 130
    part-time scientific staff (professors, researchers, representatives of civil society)
  • 3500
    French and foreign experts mobilised and trained by Hcéres each year, on average
  • 17,2
    million budget in 2017


Secrétariat général

2 rue Albert Einstein
75013 Paris