Department of research evaluation

This department organises the evaluation of research units. It produces site summaries of their research activities. Finally, it appraises the eligibility of applications for the validation of procedures for the evaluation of research units by a body other than Hcéres: as provided by the Law of July 2013, this type of application may be submitted by the supervising ministries of the units in question.

Head of Department: Pierre Glaudes
Department Manager: Astrid Lanoue


The Department of Research Evaluation (DER) carries out six main missions within Hcéres:

  • Managing and organising the evaluation of all research units accredited by the State and receiving public funds; ensuring compliance with the evaluation principles and ethical rules of Hcéres, which are in line with international standards.
  • Participating in the "integrated" evaluation process specific to Hcéres; producing, in this context, site summaries for research activities.
  • Taking part in evaluating clusters within the framework of the “integrated” evaluation process specific to Hcéres; producing, within this framework, site summary reports on their research activities.
  • Reviewing any requests that might be submitted by higher education institutions or research bodies for the validation of procedures for the external evaluation of research units.
  • Disseminating research unit evaluation results by producing national themed summary reports for a given discipline.
  • Ensuring continuous improvement of the research unit evaluation procedure in liaison with all the partners involved in the evaluation process.
  • Organising training in the research unit evaluation methodology for Hcéres staff (scientific advisors, project managers, administrators) and for peers sitting on evaluation panels (chairs, experts).

In evaluations, it is possible to be constructive and yet demanding at the same time.

Pierre Glaudes, Head of the Department of Research Evaluation (Hcéres)

  • 600
    research units evaluated each year on average
  • 2500
    experts mobilised each year on average


Département d’évaluation de la recherche

2 rue Albert Einstein
75013 Paris