IT Department

This department designs, organises and develops the Hcéres information system to support its evaluation and study activities. To do so, it designs and develops the applications required to collect, file, quality check, disseminate and process the data and information that is necessary for the activities of Hcéres.

Head of Department: Thierry Bédouin 
Evaluation Information System Manager: Jean-Christophe Martin 
Studies and Analyses Information System Manager: Corinne Mouradian


The IT Department works for all the departments, providing comprehensive support for the activities of Hcéres. Its essential missions consist in:

  • drawing up an information system upgrade strategy and a master plan in line with the strategic plan of the High Council,
  • organising information system resources,
  • defining a data policy in order to rationalise and optimise the collection and provision of data,
  • designing and upgrading Hcéres applications in liaison with stakeholders,
  • facilitating the design, provision and processing of Hcéres output,
  • supporting the participation of Hcéres in upgrades of the overall information system for higher education and research in France and in Europe.

The Department is also a stakeholder in the national steering bodies in matters relating to information systems and digital technologies.

For the purposes of its evaluation missions, Hcéres holds considerable volumes of data.  Structuring it and ensuring that it is reliable is a key challenge for the continuous improvement of its processes. This also enables better use of this data within the community, providing stakeholders with information with varying levels of detail for management purposes. Today, the priority for the IT Department is therefore simplifying and improving the collection of all this data and organising its storage. 

Thierry Bédouin, Head of the IT Department (Hcéres)

  • 7 To
    of bibliographic and bibliometric data
  • 30
    professional applications to support the missions of Hcéres
  • 19500
    evaluation files deposited every 5 years, on average
  • 1,5
    billion scientometric indicators calculated each year
  • 600000
    files stored for the purposes of evaluations


Département du système d’information

2 rue Albert Einstein
75013 Paris